What We Do

‘All winners are not to be. Hard workers will be winners’ – is the first lesson they are taught at the Academy.

Training in sports

Special Sports Academy organizes training and prepares children for competition. The best performers are trained for participation in National events and enrolled in National camps for training for national team selection.

Building leadership

Special Sports Academy not only provides platform for sports but also for becoming a community leader & mentors and build talents and interests beyond sports.

Promoting Healthy Athletes

Special Sports Academy improves the overall health and fitness of children by providing daily fitness care and nutrition planned diet charts.

We provide basic amenities, infrastructure to these children and expose them with the ample of opportunity in sports where they can make their names and make a sustainable life in this world.

What We Do

Special Sports Academy provides strategic direction to the organisation, as well as considering and making decisions on those recommendations put forward by various panels. We are a team of social enterprise which works with communities to use sport for a more ubiquitous social benefit such as employment, health & education.

Paralympic athletics has been an official sport since the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960. Athletes with a broad range of impairments compete in events that accommodate the maximum number of participants at the Summer Games.

Track events include short-, medium- and long-distance races, as well as relays (4x100 metre). It is examined and determined on a competition-by-competition basis in light of factors such as -

  • the number of participating athletes,
  • nature of impairments,
  • the characteristics of the event.