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Sports Training

We provides an opportunity through which a child not only gains confidence or skill but also supports inclusion.

SOB Participation

SOB Participation : District Level, State Level, National Level and International Level.


We provide daily transport facility for student’s pick & drop from different localities to the academy & vice versa.

"Sports is for all"

About Special Sports Academy

Special Sports Academy, a sports organization established in 2015 and is accredited by Sneh Social Welfare Foundation. Special Sports Academy provides sports training to the children with special abilities. Creating opportunities for children and enhancing their sports abilities is the momentous motive of Special Sports Academy. Special Sports Academy provides services on a massive scale believes in betterment.

“You’re not disable by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have”

Training in Sports

Provides sports training to all those children who have physical potential.

Building leadership

We not only provides platform for sports but also for becoming a community leader.

Promoting Healthy Athletes

Improve the overall health and fitness of children by providing daily fitness care.

Come work with us and share your knowledge and skils.

Our Latest Activities

Check our daily activities.

Enlisted outdoor games at SSA

All those parents who thinks that their child in unable for sports because of his/her disability, Special Sports Academy is a full stop for their negative feelings.

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